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Princi, Bakery (Milan)

Finding a good baker is not an easy task if you are a serious bread-lover. However in Milano this is fairly easy: just head to one of the 4 Princi branches located mainly in and around Brera district.

Princi bakes according to traditional recipes and always fresh which is probably the reason why everything there tastes amazing. My absolute favourite is the olive bread. This bread acually is the reason why I started to like green olives. There is some delicious baguette-style dough wrapped around hundreds of delicious, salty olives whose taste just explodes in your mouth.

All Princi branches are also nicely designed, but the one at Piazza 25 Aprile is the most beautiful as you can watch the bread baking and the fire is integrated into the store architecture. Since this branch is conveniently located just off Corso Como where many of Milano's nightclubs are, this Princi is actually open until very early in the morning (post-clubbing-olive-bread-emergencies)...


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